FACT Consulting Services, Inc.

Our Services

As we all know on the job injuries cost us all money. From lost production to paid time off to increased insurance rates, everything increases. The only way to decrease these costs is to prevent the causes of the injuries before they occur or to manage the claim appropriately once the accident happens. How much did that accident that didn't happen cost? As a business owner you need to spend your time on what makes your company money. Let us help you with the safety.

Consultation Services

FACT Consulting Services, Inc. has been serving employers in Washington State for more than twenty (20) years. We cover all aspects of safety from initial assessment of your companies total safety program to assisting in claims management. Don't have a required written Accident Provention Program or have not updated it in years? We can help. Give us a call today to assess you company needs.


Free On Site Safety Assessment

FACT Consulting offers a free on-site safety assessment of your company. We come to you, sit down and review your total safety program, walk your site, discuss your needs and then make recomendations to improve your program and save your company money.


Written Program Development

Washington State safety rules requires a written safety program for most businesses operating in the State of Washington. There are minimum program elements required under the rules and the program must be tailored to the company. This is a time consuming project with much room for error. Let us assist you with that project.


Job Site Safety Audits

The safety rules also require walk-around safety inspections in most cases. These safety inspections or audits must be documented and must be available for inspection by personnel of the Department of Labor & Industries. We can conduct these audits for you or supplement your company audits.


Safety Training

We offer training in all aspects of safety from Fall Protection Training to the new Haz-Com Globally Harmonized System Training required under the new rules. Training can be conducted at your facility, at ours, or in the field....you choose. Let us assist you in all of your training needs.


Claim Management

You can't prevent EVERY accident. So what do you do after they occur? Claims can be very costly to a business if not managed correctly. Unmanaged claims can quickly lead to lost time case which quickly affect your state industrial experience factor for three (3) years which as you know costs you and your employees increased L & I rates. Got a question? Let us help.