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Driver Education, Defensive Driving

Our Driver Education Courses


FACT Driver Education takes driver safety very seriously and strives to provide you with the highest quality training available. Our instructors are experienced and understand the teaching/learning process and strive to involve students and parents in the process.


Defensive Driving Course

Our Defensive Driving Course is designed to give drivers an understanding of what it takes to be a safer driver and covers:

  • What is defensive driving?
  • Why defensive driving?
  • Habits
  • Preventable collisions
  • Accidents, collisions, or crashes?
  • Strategies
  • Searching
  • And much more


Driver Education Course

Our Driver Education Course is designed for first time drivers with little to no driving experience. It is designed to be a team effort between students, parents and instructors with common goals and benchmarks throughout the entire process. With the involvement of all parties efforts are combined to develop good driving habits and a basis for continued learning throughout a lifetime.

The course is held three (3) days a week for two (2) hours a day. There are 15 classroom sessions followed by a final exam. Information covered includes:

  • Uniting driver and vehicle
  • Knowing where you are
  • You are in control
  • Line of sight and path of travel
  • Intersections
  • Time and space
  • Interacting with others
  • And much more

Throughout the class students will do six (6) drives as a driver and observer. Students must have an Instruction Permit prior to the second class and the beginning of the drives. Permit knowledge testing is available through our office (See DOL Testing Page) on a scheduled basis.


Seasonal Driving

Do you or your children want to become better drivers in snow or ice? Let our professional instructors give you a private one on one drive to improve your skills. Call our office today at 509.248.2373 to schedule.



For more information, contact our office at 509-248-2373