Motorcycle Rider Education

Course Schedule

2019 Riding Season

Class #
Type of Class
Date of Class
31419-BRC Basic Rider Course March 14-17 Gary/John $125.00 Call
32119-BRC Basic Rider Course March 21-24 Les/Irving $125.00 Closed
33019-IRT Intermediate Rider Training * March 30 Les/Heather $200.00 Closed
33119-IRT Intermediate Rider Training * March 31 Gary/John $200.00 Closed
40219-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course April 2-4 Les/Michael $125.00 Closed
40419-BRC Basic Rider Course April 4-7 Melissa/Dave $125.00 Closed
41119-BRC Basic Rider Course April 11-14 Irving/Heather $125.00 Closed
41819-BRC Basic Rider Course April 18-21 Heather/Les $250.00 Closed
42719-IRT Intermediate Rider Training* April 27 Heather/Les $200.00 Closed
43019-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course April 30 - May 2 Michael/Les $250.00 Closed
50219-W Women Only Basic Rider Course May 2-5 Holly/Heather $125.00 Closed
Mother's Day - Sunday May 12, 2019
51619-BRC Basic Rider Course May 16-19 Gary/Melissa $125.00 Closed
Memorial Weekend 2019 - No Classes
52819-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course May 28-30 Michael/Les $125.00 Closed
53019-BRC Basic Rider Course May 30 - June 2 Melissa/Michael $125.00 Closed
60619-BRC Basic Rider Course June 6-9 Shadrick/Irving $125.00 Closed
61519-IRT Intermediate Rider Training * June 15 Les/Heather $200.00
Father's Day - Sunday June 16, 2019
62519-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course June 25-27 Les $125.00 Closed
62719-BRC Basic Rider Course June 27-30 Heather/Dave $125.00 Closed
July 4th Weekend July 4-7, 2019
71119-BRC Basic Rider Course July 11-14 Shadrick/Irving $125.00 Closed
72019-IRT Intermediate Rider Training * July 20 Dave $200.00 Closed
72519-BRC Basic Rider Course July 25-28 Derek/Heather $125.00 Closed
73019-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course July 30-August 1 Michael/Les $125.00 Closed
80119-BRC Basic Rider Course August 1-4 Les/Holly $125.00 Closed
81519-BRC Basic Rider Training August 15-18 Irving/Dave $125.00 Closed
82219-BRC Basic Rider Course August 22-25 John/Gary $125.00 Closed
82719-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course August 27-29 Michael $125.00 Closed
Labor Day Weekend 2019 - No Classes
90519-BRC Basic Rider Course September 5-8 Dave/Holly $125.00
91419-ERC Experienced Rider Course September 14 T.B.A. $200.00 Closed
91919-BRC Basic Rider Course September 19-22 Irving/Derek $125.00
92619-BRC Basic Rider Course September 26-29 T.B.A. $250.00 Registration Soon
100319-BRC Basic Rider Course October 3-6 Irving/ $125.00
100819-BRC Mid-Week Basic Rider Course October 8-10 Michael $250.00 Registration Soon
101219-IRT Intermediate Rider Training * October 12 Melissa/Dave $100.00


Intermediate Rider Training * - Minimum Skill Requirements to Register for this Course! Call for more information.


Please note that all prices are in U.S. Dollars.

Out of state residents costs my be higher, call our office for more information.

Under 18 years old is only $50.00 please call the office to register at 509-248-2373.

Registering for any of the above courses does not guarantee passing the course or receiving an Endorsement Waiver Card.

If a student is dismissed for insufficient skill level or a safety issue, a refund will not be provided.


Private Lessons Are Available. Contact Our Office At 509-248-2373 for More Information.


FACT Motorcycle Training, LLC Refund Policy

Seven Days or greater notice - Full refund.
Less than seven (7) days notice but more than twenty-four (24) hours - Rescheduling allowed.
Less than twenty-four (24) hours - No Refund or rescheduling.
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