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  • MEMBER 1

    John Tull

    John's Details

    John is one of the founders of the First Aid & CPR Training, Inc. He worked as a Paramedic before starting FACT. He was one of the authors of the original first aid curriculum and founded FACT Consulting Services, Inc, and FACT Motorcycle Training, LLC. John is a driver training Instructor Trainer and a WMSP (Washington Motorcycle Safety Program) Mentor Instructor.

    Member Name: John Tull

    Job Title: Partner - First Aid, Motorcycle Instructor/Mentor/Examiner, Safety Consultant and Driver Education Instructor

    Years of service: 28 years

  • MEMBER 2

    Holly Tull

    Holly's Details

    Holly is a partner in all of the FACT Safety Companies. She has over 30 year experience in the healthcare industry and was instrumental in the development of the First Aid & CPR Training curriculum. back in 1987-1989. She is an American Heart Association Affiliate Faculty and Trainer. Holly is a motorcycle training Instructor and WMSP (Washington Motorcycle Safety Program) Mentor Instructor. She is also a driver training Instructor, Master Examiner, and license examiner.

    Member Name: Holly Tull

    Job Title: Partner - First Aid, Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner, and Driver Education Instructor/Examiner/Master Examiner

    Years of service: 28 years

  • MEMBER 3

    Cristina Zuniga

    Cristina's Details

    Cristina is our Office Manager and is the glue that holds the company together. Cristina is bi-lingual and often fills in as a receptionist as needed.

    Member Name: Cristina Zuniga

    Job Title: Office Manager

    Years of service: 1 year

  • MEMBER 4

    David Anderson

    David's Details

    Dave has been with FACT since 2009, when we started the motorcycle training program. He is a natural leader and has accomplished the level of mentor status.

    Member Name: David Anderson

    Job Title: Motorcycle Instructor/Mentor/Examiner

    Years of service: 7 years

  • MEMBER 5

    Elena Campos

    Elena's Details

    Elena is one of our bi-lingual driver education instructor/examiners.

    Member Name: Elena Campos

    Job Title: Driver Training Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 4 years

  • MEMBER 6

    Michael Carlson

    Michael's Details

    Michael came to us with a medical background following his years of serving our country. He is our Lead First Aid Instructor but is also a Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner.

    Member Name: Michael Carlson

    Job Title: Lead First Aid Instructor/Motorcycle Instructor & Examiner

    Years of service: 7 years

  • MEMBER 7

    Michelle Closner

    Michelle's Details

    Michelle was one of first instructors at First Aid & CPR Training, Inc. She is an RN with a Masters Degree in Nursing and is currently going for her PhD in Nursing. She is a college nursing school Instructor and avid outdoor enthusiast and animal lover.

    Member Name: Michelle Closner

    Job Title: First Aid and Infant CPR Instructor

    Years of service: 24 years

  • MEMBER 8

    Bryan Gerken

    Bryan's Details

    Bryan is another employee who comes to us after 32 years of serving his country. Bryan retired from the U.S. Army and currently lives in Naches and enjoys cross country rides on his 2011 HD FLHX.

    Member Name: Bryan Gerken

    Job Title: Worker Bee

    Years of service: 2 years

  • MEMBER 9

    Mitch Grigsby

    Mitch's Details

    Mitch is married with three (3) children and two (2) motorcycles in the family. He works in both safety consulting specializing in research and compliance. He enjoys riding his Kawaski as much as possible and is one (1) of our Motorcycle Training Instructors.

    Member Name: Mitch Grigsby

    Job Title: Safety Consultant & Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 2 years

  • MEMBER 10

    Spencer Hatton

    Spencer's Details

    Spencer brings many talents to our company. He works at one of the largest employers in the county as a Project Manager with an IT background. He rides a HD Streetglide and is married with two (2) kids.

    Member Name: Spencer Hatton

    Job Title: Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 10 years

  • MEMBER 11

    Irving Hernandez

    Irving's Details

    Irving is our lead Driver Education Instructor/Examiner and is bi-lingual. Without Irving our Driver Education Program would not be the great success that it is. Irving is working on becoming a Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner this year.

    Member Name: Irving Hernandez

    Job Title: Office & Driver Training Instructor/License Examiner

    Years of service: 2 years

  • MEMBER 12

    Melissa Jensen

    Melissa's Details

    Melissa is a junior high school teacher in Mattawa who rides a 2010 Yamaha FJR Melissa's joy of teaching showes in every course she is involved in.

    Member Name: Melissa Jensen

    Job Title: Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 3 years

  • MEMBER 13

    Gary Jones

    Gary's Details

    Gary is an avid motorcyclist who enjoys touring throughout the western United States and Canada. He was fortunate to receive much of his motorcycle operator and instructor training through his law enforcement career, and emphasizes the development of critical motorcycling skills for all riders. Gary promotes safety, skill development, and enjoyment for all motorcycle riders through a variety of adult learning principles and strategies, knowing individual riders may learn differently from each other.

    Member Name: Gary Jones

    Job Title: Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 1 years

  • MEMBER 14

    Heather Jones

    Heather's Details

    Heather is a Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner for the company who is working toword becoming a Driver Training Instructor. She enjoys riding her Kawaski road bike on beautiful days.

    Member Name: Heather Jones

    Job Title: Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 2 years

  • MEMBER 15

    Les Jones

    Les's Details

    Les is from the U.K. and is both a Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner and Driver Training Instructor/Examiner. Les is married to another employee of the company which allows them to work and ride together.

    Member Name: Les Jones

    Job Title: Driver Training and Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 4 years

  • MEMBER 16

    David Robinson

    Dave's Details

    Dave came to us with extensive motorcycle experience as a retired law enforcement motorcycle officer. He was also a Driver Education Instructor Training certified by the State of Washington and was instrumental in the establishment of FACT Driver Education. Dave rides both on and off road motorcycles and enjoys long trips with curvy roads.

    Member Name: David Robinson

    Job Title: Motorcycle Instructor/Examiner & Driver Education Instructor/Examiner

    Years of service: 7 years

  • MEMBER 17

    Gil Rodriguez

    Gil's Details

    Gil is a retired Fire fighter with many years of first responder experience and who has had a passion for serving the needs of our community. He is able to target our diverse spanish speaking clients.

    Member Name: Gil Rodriguez

    Job Title: Bi-Lingual First Aid Instructor

    Years of service: 20 years

  • MEMBER 18

    Elizabeth Tull

    Elizabeth's Details

    Elizabeth was with the the company as our Office Manager for over twelve (12) years before becoming an Elementary School Teacher and completing her Masters Degree. However, even after all that she continues to assist us as a consultant, assisting us with office matters.

    Member Name: Elizabeth Tull

    Job Title: Consultant

    Years of service: 12 years

  • MEMBER 19

    Next Great Employee

    Next Employees's Details

    We at FACT are always waiting for our next GREAT employee. Instructor positions are all part time but offer extra cash and flexible hours with great satisfaction. If you think you have what it takes contact our Office Manager Cristina for an application.

    Member Name: Not Sure Yet

    Job Title: Not Sure

    Years of service: 0 years so far

  • MEMBER 20


    Buddy's Details

    Every company needs a Mascot and Buddy is ours. Buddy goes to work every day with John and often sits in on classes at the office.

    Member Name: Buddy

    Job Title: Company Mascot

    Years of service: .5 years


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